Political Ideas

Less transparency more likely manipulation compare

News/social media vs political ideas

News media Social media VS Political Ideas LLC
1. (All facts) disappear (All facts) disappear (all facts) never disappear
2. (movie) 1 to 3 pictures (movie) 1 to 3 pictures (movie)closer to the entire film
3. (info) private challenge (info) private challenge (info) publically challenged
4. (key facts) left out (key facts) left out (key facts) always included
5. (chosen points) Good points own sides stupid points other side (chosen points) One sided (chosen points) Most powerful points both sides

5. Transparency Explaination


Every content removed or adjustedis automatically placed In comment graveyard Political Ideas LCC has Zero ability to delete those Visitor can access anytime.


To know we
are 100% honest
you can check on
we are 100% transparent

1. the only actions political ideas takes are if an item is flagged….Every action we take on a flagged item is documented and easily available to anyone who wants to check our bias.

2. also comment that breaks guidelines and removed from the chart or changed by us in the chart the content is always accessible by the public never deleted nor hid from the public.

to know we are working to be 100% honest and you can check up on this. By us working on being 100% transparent.