Community guidelines

Quality of Comments

1. Facts and points only: no opinions.

2. Post single points at a time and wait for response (rather than flooding the board). 

3. Short points, memes, and short videos are appreciated.


Rules for Commenting

1. Do not abuse other visitors; Do not swear; Do not post opinions, nor irrelevant points, even comments that make no sense.  (orange flag).

2. Do not repeat points in the same discussion (yellow flag).

3. Please place debate points in proper categories (red flag).


General Guidelines

1. Political Ideas promotes being open-minded.

2. Political Ideas promotes compromise.

3. Political ideas encourages everyone to read all sides of an argument.


This election political ideas is trying to:

  • To demonstrate how important it is to hear all sides of issues
  • Demonstrate issues are not polarized, the truth of issues are or almost always in the middle.
  • We give an informed opinion to as many people as we can.
  • Find the truth no matter what it is.

The goal of Political Ideas is to demonstrate how important it is to hear all sides of issues. Additionally, we wish to discover the truth on issues through visitor driven points(information that leads to conclusion(opinion), for visitors to come up with thier own opinion based on complete informative points.”)

If you know anything about bias... it is impossible for anyone to have zero bias.

Political Idea's goal is to be the most unbiased website on the web.

Every action we take on this website will be posted to the public and the visitor will keep us accountable publically for our bias.

For more information please refer to (how visitors keep political ideas bias in check).

While technically impossible to have zero bias, that is Political Ideas’ entire goal. All actions of this website will be made public and subject to criticism so there can be no inherent bias. Moreover, all user posts are subject to flagging based on breaking community guidelines by visitors. For more information, see ‘How can visitors keep Political Ideas bias free?’ ”

Important note:

Political Ideas org will act unbiasedly.
Visitor's information will have a bias.
Political Ideas org has no control over the visitor's bias if It does not break guidelines.

  • Political Ideas Org's main actions are to remove or alter visitors' comments.
  • When Political Ideas takes action it will be shown in the public comment graveyard.
  • In the public comment graveyard, if you see an action Political Ideas Org took that acted with bias. You may alert us on the public forum. We will try to fix the bias.

Political ideas has no dictation over what the website’s users write unless they break guidelines and are flagged by other visitors. Flagged comments and our actions will remain available to the public. However, if a user decides a post and breaks the guidelines, visitors can flag said post and it will be examined by the political ideas staff. If a post Does break the guidelines, it will go to the comment graveyard with the action political ideas chose to break. If a comment is deemed to be unfairly placed in the graveyard, users can also argue for it to be moved back to the main website.

Important note:

When visitors get abused and drama please click the orange. This will alert political ideas of the infraction of community guidelines.
We will not allow bullying to discourage other visitor's participation.
Depending on how badly the guideline is broken, we may suspend that visitor from commenting for a time. That visitor may still vote but not make comments.

For more details read community guidelines

We will not allow bullying to discourage user participation and therefore have a flagging system for harmful posts detailed in the Community Guidelines. If a user repeatedly offends these guidelines, they may be suspended from making comments for a time but will still be able to vote on posts.

Visitor driven content means the issues, points, counterpoints, arguments, or information on the website comes from the population of visitors to Political Ideas website.

Visitor Driven Content means that everything on this website, from individual points to the issues as a whole, are all provided by the visitors.”